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Would-Be Park Trash Dumper Gets Truck Impounded Instead

0 Written by:  | Friday, Nov 21, 2014 9:01am

This trash does NOT belong in a park. Photo via Friends of Herring Run Parks Facebook page.

Do you know what you shouldn’t do? Dump trash in Baltimore’s city parks. (Or any park anywhere.)

But that’s exactly what a driver of a blue pickup truck tried to do yesterday afternoon. He drove down Tyndale Trail in Herring Run Park with a load of scrap lumber and other trash in the back of his truck, purportedly planning on unloading the junk in the middle of the woods. But things didn’t go according to plan, according to the Friends of Herring Run Parks Facebook page: the truck got stuck (oops), the cops got called (double oops), and the would-be dumper got his truck impounded (ha! I mean, oops.)

Interested bystanders could watch the whole drama play out on Facebook,where [ark volunteer Patty Dowd posted regular updates on the eight-hour ordeal (“I’ve been standing in the park since noon today. I’m chilled to the bone, exhausted and dehydrated”). The final update of the day? “The dumpers will be prosecuted. We have been promised.”

The moral of the story: Parks are no place for your trash. Take it to the dump.

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