Most Common Water Heater Problems


Water heaters work constantly to ensure that your house has a supply of hot water ready for you to utilize on a moment’s notice. This is a demanding task for your water heater whether you have a gas or electric one. Because of how demanding this task is, it should come as no surprise that water heaters often have issues, issues that can come in various forms. These issues can run the spectrum of severity and some can be easy to fix while others can be difficult to rectify or require you to simply replace the water heater. You should leave this type of work to for your local Palm Harbor plumber. Elite Plumbing Services does all our work.

One common problem with a water heater is a lack of hot water. There are several potential causes for this, including broken heating elements, faulty or improperly set thermostats, an interruption of power to the appliance (often caused by a tripped circuit breaker or a fuse that has blown), or a pilot light that is off or not properly working. If the water heater takes too long to reheat, first check the thermostat to see if it is properly set and properly functioning. Next, check to see if the heating elements are properly functioning.  If you simply feel like you never have enough hot water, and you discover the thermostat is not the issue, you may need to consider a bigger water heater or even a tankless water heater.


  • If the water is not the right temperature, the first thing you should do is check the thermostat. If this is not the problem, the tank may need cleaning.
  • The pilot light can also be a common source of problems. If the pilot light will not light or will not stay lit, the pilot light tube may be clogged or in need of replacement. Additionally, you may have a loose or broken thermo-couple, you may have air in the gas line, or you may have a defective gas valve.
  • Leaks are often caused by broken valves or pipes. It is a good idea to leave these kinds of repairs to plumbing professionals.
  • If you smell a rotten egg smell, it is likely caused by a build-up of dead and decaying bacteria.
  • Another common issue is rust colored water, which usually indicates that you need to replace your anode rod, which is designed to prevent rust build-up. In more serious cases, a new water heater may be necessary.
  • A more complicated issue is low hot water pressure. Often this can be solved by cleaning your pipes for rust, sodium, and calcium deposits. However, you may also need to have larger, more modern, pipes installed.
  • If your
    water heater is making strange noises, this could be caused by pressure issues, noisy pipes, or scale build-up.

These are just some of the most common water heater issues, this is by no means an all-inclusive guide on what could go wrong with your water heater. If this list fails to solve your issue, consult your user’s manual, online forums, or consult the company that produces the water heater. If all else fails, or if you do not wish to attempt repairs yourself, contact a certified professional.



Newly Listed House? Make Sure it Stands out With A Professional Pressure Wash

When you are trying to sell your house, curb appeal is essential. As we all learned as children, it is vital to make a good first impression. How your house looks from the curb is your home’s first impression, it is the very first thing people will see about your home and will form the basis of their judgement on it. A good-looking home is easier to sell and can even go for more money than one that looks bad. In order to make sure your home is clean looking and has the curb appeal buyers want, you should get your home professionally pressure washed.

Pressure washing is one of the most effective, as well as one of the quickest and easiest, ways to clean the outside of your home. This is quicker and easier than manually scrubbing the side of the house and tends to miss less dirt as well.

You may be tempted to simply borrow or rent a power washer and do the job yourself in order to save money by not having to hire professionals. While this is perfectly acceptable for a home you are living in, but when you are trying to sell your home, it is best to shell out the money for the professionals. The reason for this is simple, professionals do a better job than you can. They won’t miss spots, they won’t say “good enough” after struggling with particularly hard to get dirt for twenty minutes, and they will make sure everything is done properly and to high standards. More importantly when it comes to cleaning your roof there’ a special way to do it so you don’t damage the shingles. I’ve always counted on Jacksonville Pressure Washing Pros when it comes to having my roof cleaning in jacksonville fl. While an “almost perfectly clean house” is perfectly fine for homeowners, it is not something you want to present to potential buyers who are actively judging the home and trying to select what is perhaps the most expensive thing they will ever buy. By paying for professionals, you won’t have to worry about the home not being perfectly clean.

Also, it may be hard to believe, but the pressure washing will likely pay for itself. After having your home professionally pressure washed, it will likely sell quicker, maybe even for more money. This will save you the headache of multiple open houses and the stress of having your home on the market for months without attracting buyers. Ask yourself, isn’t hiring a professional pressure washer worth it to potentially make more money and avoid hassle?

Bottom line, when selling your home, it is vital for it to be clean and have curb appeal. In order to make sure your home is ready to be sold, hire a professional pressure washing company!

Maureen Phillips

For over thirty years I’ve edited other people’s work in some form or other. I always did well in English at high school and I read voraciously, which is the best way to build editing, grammar, and writing skills. Back in the 1980s, I worked in the Department of Psychiatry as a secretary to Liba Tyhurst. She was editor of “TV in Psychiatry” — a publication covering the effective use of video in therapeutic practice. Liba was a Czechoslovakian, and while she was a superb psychiatrist and teacher, English grammar was not her strong point. She was impressed with the way I edited her correspondence and patient reports and invited me to be co-editor of the newsletter. That was the beginning of my “official” career as an editor.